Managing Your Restaurant’s Food Inventory to Prevent Waste and Save Money

food management in your restaurantWhen polling restaurant owners, most say that properly managing your food inventory in order to reduce waste and lower expenses is one of the most important business matters that you need to consider when running a restaurant.

Of course, food is perishable. Unlike other products that can sit on a shelf for years and still be sold, it has a limited lifespan, which makes inventory control that much harder. You likely have many raw items that can only be stored for a short amount of time before they spoil. Food is likely your highest cost, and if it is wasted even before it can be used to create a meal, you’ll end up in the red very quickly.  You also never want to run out of the ingredients you depend on to create your signature dishes, disappointing guests waiting at the restaurant table.

Food Management Basics

How do you ensure that you have the food that you need on hand without it being wasted? Here are some tips from owners and managers who have operated both large and small restaurants.

After you begin analyzing your supply, purchases, costs and profit, every week, you’ll have a very good grasp on how to properly manage your food inventory while saving money and increasing your food sales.

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